“GameGirl605” by Antoinette Sax

"GamerGirl605" by Antoinette Sax

"GamerGirl605" by Antoinette Sax


“Harper Miller was bullied as a child and never felt accepted by anyone. When her father barters car repairs for a game system a new world opens up to her. A world where she is free from the stares, glares and name calling. A world where she can be herself and make friends across the globe. Her passion for video games leads her to become GamerGirl605 one of the most successful video bloggers in the world. Although she has millions of adoring fans worldwide no one truly knows anything about her. In order to make her dream a reality she agrees to a tell all article for a start up online magazine. Will it be a decision she will regret or a decision that will forever change her life for the better. Read “GamerGirl605″ and find out for yourself.”

Kindle Price: $3.99

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