“Lesbian Erotica Bundle” by Antoinette Sax

Lesbian Erotica Bundle

Lesbian Erotica Bundle

“Antoinette Sax – Lesbian Erotica Bundle” includes five (5) of my most popular lesbian erotica books.

“GamerGirl605” – Harper Miller was bullied as a child and never felt accepted by anyone. When her father barters car repairs for a game system a new world opens up to her. A world where she is free from the stares, glares and name calling. A world where she can be herself and make friends across the globe. Her passion for video games leads her to become GamerGirl605 one of the most successful video bloggers in the world. Although she has millions of adoring fans worldwide no one truly knows anything about her. In order to make her dream a reality she agrees to a tell all article for a start up online magazine. Will it be a decision she will regret or a decision that will forever change her life for the better. Read “GamerGirl605” and find out for yourself.

“The Pickup Artist” – Steffie Meadows suffers a tragic life event that provides her with an insight to human emotion and the ability to read body language that most don’t. She uses this insight and ability to pick up girls that she hopes will lead to her finding her special someone. Will Steffie succeed in her quest or will she forever remain picking up girl after girl to no avail. This story is a must read for those who enjoy stories of friendship, hardship and self awakening.

“Working Girl” – June Wynter is a shy and introverted girl whose physical appearance make the girls in school envious of her. In high school she decides to get a job to help her dad pay the bills thus becoming a working girl. Unbeknownst to her a simple job at an ice cream shop leads her down a path to becoming a true working girl in the worlds oldest profession. June Wynter becomes Paige Anderson and her life could very well become a Hollywood movie. “Working Girl” is a must read for those who enjoy a story with a twist and sexually explicit lesbian content.

“How I Met The Love of My Life” – Alexis “Lexi” Becker an adopted girl from Niagara, New York had no idea what she wanted to do or be in her life. When she decides to move to California to be close to her sister it sets off a chain events that results in Alexis finding the love of her life. A heart warming story of how events in ones life can lead you to the destination you never thought you’d arrive at. A great read for those who enjoy graphic sexual lesbian encounters.

“In Love With My B.F.F.” – Kristen Browning and Lorelai “Lori” Kelly have been best friends since the 6th grade when Kristen’s family moved from New York city to the suburbs of Long Island. Kristen realizes she’s in love with Lori but there’s a problem. Kristen is a lesbian and Lorelai isn’t. Kristen knows she’s in love with her Best Friend Forever but what will she do? Will she have the courage to tell Lori how she feels and risk losing her forever or will she keep her feelings a secret and continue to live in secret torment? Read “In Love With My B.F.F.” and find out what Kristen decides to do.

If each book were to be purchased separately the cost would be $18.95 but can be yours for only $8.95, a savings of over 50%! This bundle is only available for a limited time!!

Kindle Price: $8.95

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